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What Is The SSLC Full Form ? | SSLC Full Form In Hindi



sslc full form

What is SSLC full form, SSLC full form in Hindi, the importance of Secondary school leaving certificate? etc  Question’s answer you will get in this article? Full from of SSLC is ” Secondary School Leaving Certificate “. This certificate is given to the student when they complete their schooling. When a student passed out from a school in the 10th class then SSLC (secondary school leaving certificate) is given to the student. SSLC certificate is very important to take admission to the 11th class. Let’s check out the importance of the SSLC certificate.

sslc full form

Importance Of SSLC Certificate

This is a very important document you get after completing or passing the 10th class exam. This certificate is required where ever you want to take admissions after the successful completion of secondary school.SSLC certificate also works as a birth date proof and born certificate which is required to involve in government schemes and for documentation.



Schooling groups Are divided Into 3 Groups In India As Follows.

  1. Primary Schooling
  2. Secondary Schooling
  3. University Schooling

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